ISO 9001

Coming soon: Certification to ISO 9001 helps your organization to have a clear organizational structure. ISO 9001, when applied correctly, adapts to your organization to meet all necessary requirements. This is a "structured process" and ends with recognition by a certification body.

We support you in the implementation of your project. A service provider can recognize divergent processes from an external perspective, just as a certification authority would recognize it.

In detail: This is the world's best known and most practiced management system. More than one million companies on all five continents have successfully applied this system and have obtained certification. The new ISO 9001: 2008 was linguistically simplified in the last revision and its structure adapted to the typical internal processes of an organization. Some aspects of the EFQM model have been integrated, the requirements have been clarified in many points and, in our opinion, meaningfully supplemented. Put simply, this management system requires an above-average level of internal organization in the company, which is geared towards providing sustainable high-quality products and services.

However, the implementation of the requirements from a QM system is not hindered only by ambiguities in the specifications - such as ISO 9001. Often it is also a lack of experience and prudence of those involved, which leads to the fact that in the organization regulations are set, which meet the appropriate standard requirements, which are however not suitable for the practical implementation. Often "over-documentation" and "over-regulation" take place, which make the acceptance of the QM system more difficult.

We help you to eliminate some of the most important and frequently observed vulnerabilities:
• The procedures are described to be exact or double, in the QM manual and in procedures.
• The bureaucracy is gaining ground.
• The "management" of the organization is only to a limited extent involved in quality events.
• The quality officer supports the "management", but can not accept their responsibility.
• The quality objectives are not integrated into the overall goals of the organization.
• Often the quality goals appear as rather unimportant "secondary goals".
• There is sometimes a tendency towards perfectionism.
• Easily and easily achievable improvements are overlooked.
• The systematics of the control circuits for improvement are often weak or only very slowly effective.
Q-auditors have the experience how to implement such systems effectively!



Lavori al tuo ritmo. Puoi gestire i tuoi progetti in modo indipendente tramite il nostro portale e informarti sul supporto personale. Pertanto ci siamo impegnati per l'opportunità di progettare i tuoi processi

Amministrazione online

Amministrazione online

Ti offriamo l'opportunità di eseguire il tuo processo di certificazione, ma senza dover rinunciare al know-how o al supporto di dipendenti esperti. Il sistema online è progettato per una varietà di certificazioni e offre elenchi di domande frequenti, moduli e tabelle già pronti e un modulo per chiarire le domande aperte con uno dei nostri dipendenti.

Cambia certificazione

Cambia certificazione

Nel nostro tempo veloce i cambiamenti nella vita lavorativa sono un accompagnamento costante. Può essere distrutto molto rapidamente. Ci sono ragioni interne ed esterne per questo. Il CS offre una panoramica della conformità durante le modifiche.



Abbiamo solo un tempo limitato e capacità finanziaria e vogliamo offrire un servizio completo, le cooperazioni hanno senso solo tra le organizzazioni collegate. Questi hanno una struttura affidabile, così come una buona armonia interpersonale.

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